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Join us on November 21st, 2023, in Liechtenstein for a day packed with top-notch speakers, informative workshops, innovative startups, and valuable networking opportunities.

The Investor Summit Liechtenstein is a must-attend event for anyone looking to connect with startups and investors.

Sabine Monauni, Liechtenstein’s Minister of Economics Affairs, will kick off the event, followed by pitches from selected startups, handpicked from over 70 applications. You’ll also hear from experienced investors and founders, including Julian Teicke and Sophie Lamparter, and take part to a fireside chat with the seasoned Business Angel, Joachim Schoss. The event will be hosted by Lizan Kuster.
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Join us on October 5th, 2023 at the Rolex Learning Center for Trust Valley Day to answer the question "Is it technically feasible for AI LegalTechs to ensure sufficient data security for Swiss lawyers?"

Our CEO, Paula Reichenberg, will be participating as a panelist at the upcoming event on cybersecurity and digital trust in Lausanne, Switzerland, organized by Trust Valley.

Our focus is on the concrete questions and technical challenges facing AI startups that guarantee data security: #dataflows#datasovereignty#embeddings, and #serversecurity are some of the keywords that will be addressed.

Click here to learn more and register!



We are honored to welcome Kilian Marty to Neur.on's Advisory Board as our Cyber Security Expert!

Kilian’s remarkable journey as the Head of the Cybersecurity Department at CertX AG – First Swiss accredited certification and inspection body for AI, cyber security and functional safety – make him a perfect cyber security watchdog. 

As an auditor and assessor, he has deepened his expertise in state-of-the-art IT/OT security practices and now plays a pivotal role in training and certification services at the first Swiss certification body for functional safety and cybersecurity. With extensive experience as a cybersecurity consultant across diverse industries, including automotive, railway, energy, and healthcare companies, Kilian brings hands on experience implementing cyber security management systems, assessing related processes, and spotting weaknesses and deviations from best security practices.

In addition to Kilian, we are also privileged to have two other exceptional Advisory Board members.

Jean Hennebert, our Research & AI Advisor, and Brian Firlit, our Growth & Strategy Advisor, have been instrumental in shaping Neur.on’s progress, innovation and industry focus.

As Neur.on marks its first anniversary, we take pride in affirming that cybersecurity has been integral to our software development, DevOps environment, and process design since day one. 

With the addition of Kilian to our team, we now aim to benefit from the relentless scrutiny of a seasoned expert, challenging every facet of our security framework.



Our CEO & Founder, Paula Reichenberg, has been nominated as a "Digital Shaper 2023" by BILANZ Wirtschaftsmagazin, digitalswitzerland, PME, HANDELSZEITUNG and Innosuisse.

This recognition is a testament to the remarkable dedication and collaborative spirit of the entire Neur.on Team.

In the realm of “digital shaping,” success is a result of collective effort. This rings especially true in the legal industry, where the principles of Trust, Accuracy, and Ethics take precedence over fleeting notions of Profitability, Entrepreneurial Risk, … and sometimes Innovation.

Here at Neur.on, we firmly believe that genuine digitalization succeeds when:

  • Technology Empowers, Not Overpowers: Our approach revolves around aligning technology seamlessly with lawyers’ workflows and professional requisites. It’s about harmonizing innovation with the essence of legal practice, without imposing unnecessary change.
  • Transparency as the Cornerstone: We hold the principle of transparency dear. We refrain from hollow boasting and instead provide lawyers with accurate insights into the reliability of our results. Honest information empowers them to take informed actions.
  • Empowering Human Expertise: While technology is a powerful ally, it can never replace the depth and breadth of human expertise. We champion the role of lawyers as the navigators of complexity, acknowledging that no algorithm can replicate their nuanced understanding of diverse situations.

At Neur.on, our conviction is clear: every opportunity to reshape an industry should be seized to bring about positive change – digitalization as a  #forceforgood. We therefore pledge to utilize our knowledge and unwavering commitment to enhance quality standards in the legal translation domain, enhance global access to justice, and cultivate better working conditions for legal translators.

Together, we’re dedicated to reshaping our industry into one that brings joy to all its stakeholders.
#DigitalShapers23 #digitalfuture #digitalleaders 



We are proud to highlight the incredible journey of Neur.on's COO, Orane Laeri. She has been featured in, where she shares her career path in the realm of language science, linguistics, and computational linguistics.

Orane’s academic voyage led her to the University of Geneva, where she pursued studies in translation. Fast forward to today, and she’s making waves as the Operations Manager at a dynamic LegalTech startup specializing in Neural Machine Translation.

Amid the rapid advancements in technology, Orane emphasizes that Neur.on’s objective isn’t to replace humans with machines, but to empower them with tailor-made tools. She rightly points out, “There’s reason to rejoice: the machine is a tool that makes our work more interesting.”

Reflecting on her entry into the professional sphere, Orane shares her journey from a translation internship in legal translation to her current leadership role.
Her advice to students: embrace the fusion of technology and linguistics, and adapt to the evolving landscape of the profession. Whether one gravitates toward the intricacies of language subtleties or the human-linguistics connection, there’s a niche waiting to be mastered.

I invite you to discover more about Orane’s trajectory by reading the full article here.



We are pleased to announce our acceptance into Trust Valley's prestigious 10-month Trust4SMEs support program, focusing on cybersecurity and digital trust for SMEs.

As a LegalTech company catering to law firms, Big4s, banks, insurance companies, and public authorities, data security is deeply ingrained in our values.

Right from the outset, we have made the conscious choice to uphold the highest standards of Information and AI Security (ISO 27001 and CertAI standards), an early commitment that may seem unconventional for a startup.

However, we firmly believe that cybersecurity should not be an afterthought once revenues start pouring in.

In light of this pledge, we have decided to invest all the necessary time and resources to walk the talk.

With that in mind, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Trust Valley and 40+ partners of the Trust4SMEs program for their support on our journey, including, among others, Canton de Vaud, République et Canton de Genève, EPFL Innovation Park, and to our coach Laura Tocmacov of impactIA Foundation.



Should AI startups be scared of the EU AI Act?

We were honored to have representatives from NEUR.ONiCoSys, and CertX, along with other esteemed AI specialists from around the world, participate in The First University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge: The EU AI ACT. During this event, we focused on evaluating the compliance of 8 cutting-edge AI solutions, spanning robotics, process management, and NLP-analytics, with the current draft of the AI ACT. Our diverse team included experts in machine learning, legal, and ISO 27001 certification fields.

Click here to learn more in the Swiss National News broadcast!

  • Here are our key takeaways:
    The EU AI Act’s fundamental principles—such as human agency & oversight, technical robustness & safety, privacy & data governance, transparency, diversity, non-discrimination & fairness, and social & environmental impact—are well-designed, deemed fair, and essential for building widespread acceptance and trust in Artificial Intelligence.
  • However, for financially stretched startups, adhering to the Act’s requirements can be like a Damocles sword, consuming resources and slowing down development.
  • Fortunately, there’s one compliance aspect that doesn’t require significant expenses but adds tremendous value, as observed during the Grand Challenge: AWARENESS of AI risks and a COMPANY CULTURE that prioritizes compliance and responsible growth.

We were pleased to find that the majority of the assessed companies demonstrated a high to very high degree of risk awareness and had implemented a security-by-design approach in their solutions.

If only these AI-system providers were representative of the whole industry, most AI scaremongering prophecies could be dismissed in a blink…

Let’s work towards fostering an AI industry that embraces compliance, responsible development, and a culture of trust. 

Thank you Thomas Burri for organizing such a spectacular challenge, thank you SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen for reporting on the event, and thank you to all our team members: Jean HennebertOrane LaeriYael IseliArman IranfarMarco Repetto Ph. D.



Neur.on wins first prize at the elevator pitch competition

LegalTech champions be thanked!
We would like to express our gratitude to WeblawCoop Rechtsschutz AGYLEX & UBS for actively supporting LegalTech Swiss Startups.

Delivering elevator pitches is never a startuper’s favourite sport – but for legal techies, whose products are always considered technical and – let’s be honest – a little boring, the exercise can be particularly unrewarding.

Allowing us to pitch in front of a savvy and tech-friendly audience of legal professionals and potential clients has therefore been a much appreciated privilege.

And of course, winning first prize thanks to the audience vote is particularly gratifying!

Long live the Weblaw LegalTech forum!



LegalTech Summer Eve à Genève : L’IA ne changera RIEN au métier d’avocat.e ?!

Ce soir, les avocat.e.s genevois.e.s s’échangent sur la LegalTech avec les artisans de leurs outils préférés, EyeTeK et Neur.on.

Parmi les « thèses disruptives » présentées ce soir, une affirmation particulièrement périlleuse et alléchante :

L’IA ne changera RIEN au métier d’avocat.e

Pourquoi ? Parce que l’IA excelle avant tout dans les tâches :

  • que les avocat.e.s N’AIMENT PAS exécuter (vérification de la cohérence de notes de bas de page)
  • que les avocat.e.s N’ONT PAS LE TEMPS d’effectuer (tagger et résumer les articles qui les intéressent)
  • que certain.e.s NE SAVENT PAS bien faire (orthographe, grammaire, traduction).

En d’autres termes, des tâches que les avocat.e.s essaient depuis toujours de déléguer à leurs stagiaires, assistant.e.s ou autres victimes choisies.

Par ailleurs, les larges modèles de langues sont conçus pour dire toujours ce qui est le plus PROBABLE dans un contexte donné, alors que le cœur du métier d’avocat.e, c’est l’INATTENDU ;
Alors que la force de l’IA, c’est de synthétiser ou de reformuler ce qu’elle a lu, un.e avocat.e, se doit de savoir lire ENTRE les lignes.

En revanche, en raison de l’illusion de la perfection que peuvent créer les larges modèles de langues, le prestige incontesté de la profession pourrait se trouver écorné : les avocat.e.s risquent de comprendre bientôt ce que ressentent les médecins auxquels les patients exposent le diagnostic qu’ils ont établi sur Google… ou ce que ressent une femme au volant à laquelle son mari explique comment conduire.

Enfin, on notera que l’IA est notoirement incapable de développer des considérations éthiques. Or, le nom même du domaine de compétence des avocat.e.s, LE DROIT, leur rappelle tous les jours que leur travail est ancré dans une déontologie rigoureuse et une fidèle allégeance à la notion de JUSTICE.

Longue vie à cette noble profession.



Neur.on joins the debate at the Lawyers's Congress 2023 (Anwaltkongress)

The Lawyers’s Congress 2023 marks the 125th birthday of the Swiss Bar Association. A great reason to celebrate!

Yet at the same time, Swiss lawyers have never felt this unsettled about the future of their profession.

Neur.on’s team is looking forward to contributing to the discussions, showing that well-conceived technology can be a force for good, not only increasing efficiency (which can be a daunting prospect), but also – and mostly – profitability and quality of life.



Neur.on particpe au débat sur la sécurité des données lors de la conférence « Données industrielles : une richesse à exploiter », organisée par la CCIF.

La sécurité des données est un enjeu majeur pour les avocat.e.s et constitue la pierre angulaire des services proposés par Neur.on. Le rôle crucial joué par l’exploitation des données industrielles est débattu aujourd’hui lors de la conférence « Données industrielles : une richesse à exploiter », organisée par la CCIF – Chambre de commerce et d’industrie du canton de Fribourg à la @HEIA-FR (College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg).
Notre CTO, Yann-Ivain Beffa, contribue au débat avec sa présentation “IA appliquée au texte: Faut-il créer une raffinerie de données ?”.



Neur.on pitche à la 1ère édition des Startup lunches organisée par Fri Up.

La Start-up scène à Fribourg, c’est tout d’abord des entrepreneur.e.s passionné.e.s, c’est aussi des compétences pointues en IA.

Un privilège d’avoir pu participer au 1er Start-Up Lunch présenté par Fri Up, l’organisation officielle de soutien à la création d’entreprise du canton de Fribourg, et de bénéficier du feed-back bienveillant d’un public d’experts et de potentiels clients.



Neur.on discusses the future of the legal field at the Zukunft Rechtsmarkt (Future legal market) conference 2023.

The legal profession faces a multitude of paradigm shifts, brought about by disruptive new technology, an evolving society, and an ever more competitive job market.
Legal service providers need to embrace this change to survive, and Neur.on stands ready to help with this adaptation through its AI-driven translation platform, built from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of legal and financial professionals.
Our founder, Paula Reichenberg, has been invited to speak at the University of St. Gallen – HSG‘s session on “The future of the legal field” on 4 May in Zurich. Paula has joined experts from across #SwissLaw to give her perspective on the role of LegalTech in the law firm of the future.



Neur.on featured by Novable as “THE” solution for Legal Translation.

Thank you, Novable for this insightful article. We’re proud to be leading the charge to empower legal professionals to take control of their translation process.



Neur.on and our partner iCoSys were featured in La Liberté, Fribourg’s #1 newspaper.



First TV appearance

Neur.on was highlighted in the report and interview of the TV channel La Télé (regional television channel covering news from the cantons of Vaud and Fribourg) on the Economic Promotion 2022 results. Neur.on was painted as successfully meeting the challenges linked with AI.

Click here to watch



AGEFI, Nouvelle Agence Économique et Financière, has written about Fribourg's trailblazing #AI ecosystem, of which Neur.on is proud to be a part. We are looking forward to welcoming ROLEX to our vibrant community!

Click here to read the article.



Neur.on features in the Swiss newspaper “Le Temps”, the most-read newspaper in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Neur.on features in Le Temps today. Thank you, Aline Bassin Di Iullo for telling the story of our genesis and hopefully inspiring further SMEs to dare to take the path of digitalization.



Neur.on features on the Swiss Female founder ecosystem. 

Neur.on has joined the Female Founders Initiative Switzerland and features on its map under the  “IT/AI Software” category, along with other innovative #SwissStartups led by women across many industries. The #FemaleFounders map showcases the small but growing community of #WomenEntrepreneurs in the Swiss startup ecosystem. 



Neur.on's CTO Yann-Ivain Beffa gave a talk on "AI for Legal document Analysis" at the first edition of AI Days, an event organized by the newly created Swiss AI Center for SMEs.

ChatGPT and Dall-e have struck a chord with the public, opening the world’s eyes to the incredible potential of artificial intelligence. The generalist and accessible nature of these solutions have awakened interest across the gamut of industries, including those seen as more conservative, such as the legal profession. Lawyers are eager for secure solutions, tailor-made to suit their needs and processes by experienced specialists.
Enter Neur.on. In two Innosuisse projects, we combine proprietary algorithms and a carefully curated data corpus within Human-in-the-loop processes, to offer ground-breaking specialist AI capability within the #LegalTech space.
Neur.on’s CTO Yann-Ivain Beffa gave a talk on “AI for Legal document Analysis” at the first edition of AI Days, an event organized by the newly created Swiss AI Center for SMEs, an initiative supported by HES-SO Haute école spécialisée and in which iCoSys is a key partner.



Neur.on was featured in the Fribourg Network Newsletter of February 2023.

Neur.on features in the February newsletter of the Fribourg Network Freiburg, which highlights the digital-first industries driving the #fourthindustrialrevolution. Through this feature, the Fribourg Development Agency FDA has recognized the role of our #aipowered translation platform in expanding the capabilities of LegalTech for legal, tax, and finance professionals.

Click here to read the full article.



Neur.on played an active role at Words to Deeds 2023 in Cambridge, UK, a major European event on Legal translation. #W2D2023

With the rise of machine translation comes the parallel risk of serious mistakes in legal translations.
More than ever, law firms need to consider translation diligence as part of their quality assurance cycle.
This weekend, lawyers and legal translators from across Europe will discuss and refine Best Practice in Cambridge, UK, at the Words to Deeds Conference #W2D2023.
Neur.on’s CEO, Paula Reichenberg, will be a panelist in the session “Risks and Legal Tech” to share her insights on the specific issues for the LegalTech sector.



Neur.on has been added to the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) map as the 1st company in the Linguistic Services / Translation & Anonymization category.

Neur.on is delighted that the Lingustic Services / Translation & Anonymization category has been newly created to put its’ AI-driven translation SaaS solution on the map of the Swiss LegalTech Association.
Neur.on uses specialised Natural Language Processing models to offer Swiss legal professionals an end-to-end translation process built from the ground up to meet their needs.
We can’t wait to be joined by further promising start-ups in this category: Andrea Schmidheiny Konic and Bojan Konic



Our founder, Paula Reichenberg, has been featured as INSEADer of the month, in January 2023, by her alma mater INSEAD.

The INSEAD Business school stands for “business as a force for good”. The whole Neur.on team lives by this principle in building ethical AI solutions that foster access to justice and seamless communication in the legal and financial world.



Neur.on's CEO has joined the Executive Board Members of the SLTA.

Paula Reichenberg will be responsible for the new Fribourg Chapter.

Learn more about the Swiss LegalTech Association’s Executive Board here:



Christmas Get-Together – for Lawyers, LegalTechies, and their families

AI builds the very core of Neur.on’s products and strategy. To create reliable and practical solutions, however, we must be fully aware of and embrace AI’s limitations – making up for them with ingenuity, inventiveness and the many other purely human skills that machine will NEVER be able to compete with: warmth, camaraderie, conviviality and empathy.

We would like to extend a warm thank you to all the lawyers and professionals in the LegalTech community, along with their families, that joined us last Saturday to share hot drinks and good laughs.

A special thanks to the amazing staff at Schipfe 16, supported by the Social Department of Stadt Zürich, that made this event even more special thanks to their professionalism and kindness.

We wish you and your families a happy holiday season!



The State of Fribourg has granted us additional support to streamline legal translation with AI.

Neur.on’s innovative research project carried out in collaboration with iCoSys, the Institute of Complex Systems of the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg, is supported by Innosuisse – and now further supported by the State of Fribourg. 

We are happy to announce that the State of Fribourg has granted us additional support to streamline legal translation with AI. 
This grant will be used for R&D, new hires, and international expansion.

Neur.on is grateful for this valuable support and is proud to be part of the dynamic Fribourg start-up ecosystem.

Featuring the largest NLP document analysis competence center in Switzerland, a talented pool of multilingual NLP engineers, as well as a renowned faculty of Law, Fribourg offers optimal conditions for a language-centric Legaltech start-up like Neur.on.

Conceived and designed in Fribourg, NEUR.ON looks forward to using this new grant to bring Swiss AI to new heights.



Neur.on features in Lawstyle.

Juristisches Übersetzungs-SaaS-Start-up «Neur.on» als erstes VC-Investment des Rechtsverlags Helbing Lichtenhahn – der Anfang einer neuen Ära für Schweizer LegalTechs?

Click here to read the article.



At Neur.on, we particularly enjoy exchanges with law students.

To cater for a controversial and animated debate on December 1st, 2022, ELSA Bern has invited a broad panel of LegalTech experts, comprising both early adopters and well-known skeptics. We are happy to share that our CEO, Paula Reichenberg, was invited to represent the growing category of LegalTech vendors who offer working solutions, that can easily be implemented by law firms and immediately increase profitability.



Neur.on features in BratschiTALK

Click here to watch the video.



SWISS FUNDING POWERING SWISS AI - Innosuisse - the Swiss agency for innovation — has recently granted us new funding for the research and development of NEUR.ON’s legal and financial translation SaaS.

Neur.on’s research project supported by Innosuisse will be carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Complex Systems iCoSys of the College of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg – HEIA-FR, with the aim of bringing secure, reliable and efficient AI translation to both Switzerland and the world.

We will apply innovative zero and few-shot learning approaches to specialized legal and financial NLP-models, efficiently integrating user feed-back when reviewing machine translation results.

With this funding, we’ll be able to further develop the technical tools needed to create complex AI translation tools that are easy and accessible to legal and financial professionals.

Thank you Innosuisse for your support!



LexMachina: the only translation engine directly processing PDFs exclusively on Swiss servers

In their day-to-day practice, lawyers are confronted with a large number of documents in paper or PDF-format: court decisions, briefs of the opposing party, exhibits, hard copies of articles of association… We are proud to offer the first solution on the Swiss market that allows them to translate these documents instantly, without prior manual conversion.



LexMachina: Powered by HEIA-FR and Innosuisse

Meet the team behind our legaltech translation solution and receive firsthand insights from the video on our Innosuisse Datalambic project between iCoSys and Hieronymus.



Interview mit Language Box, den Schweizer Experten für Übersetzungsprozesse

Paula Reichenberg, Gründerin von LexMachina, gibt in ihrem Interview mit der Übersetzungsconsultingfirma Language Box einen ersten Einblick in die Funktionsweise und verrät, weshalb eine Maschine den Job eines Übersetzers trotz allem nicht ersetzen kann.



LexMachina becomes a member of the Swiss LegalTech Association

We are proud to be a member of the legaltech community in Switzerland, helping lawyers all over the country to work more efficiently.

LexMachina is the first Neural Machine Translation (NMT) solution specialized in Swiss law and directly available to Swiss lawyers. Hosted entirely in Switzerland and following the strictest data security standards, LexMachina allows lawyers to comply with all applicable “Security by Design” requirements.



You missed our presentation at the 14th AMTA conference?

AMTA is one of the most important machine translation industry conferences, which brings together experts and practitioners from research, industry, and academia.

The 14th biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas AMTA held virtually on October 6-9, 2020 featured three main tracks – Research, Commercial, and Government, each dedicated to a respective area in machine translation research, commercial application, and government use. Over the course of three days, AMTA brought together experts and practitioners from research, industry, and academia, who shared the latest updates on leading-edge R&D in Machine Translation and presented and discussed real-world use cases.

Hieronymus was delighted to be a speaker at AMTA 2020 Virtual.

Together with Rubén Martinez and Mārcis Pinnis from Tilde, Paula Reichenberg shared insights from developing the first neural machine translation engine for the Swiss legal and financial market.



Discover our Paper on Neural Machine Translation

Read how Hieronymus and Tilde created LexMachina, the first Translation engine for swiss lawyers.



Discover our Paper on Neural Machine Translation

Discover more about LexMachina’s client-centric and innovative approach at AMTA 2020 VIRTUAL, the biennial conference of the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas. Join our 30 minute presentation “Enhance CX with Neural Machine Translation Technology” on Thursday October 8, 7 p.m. CET (10 a.m. PDT).



Discover our Swiss criminal law engine

Our Swiss criminal law sub-engine is now available. Sub-engines, classified by legal area, ensure greater terminological accuracy. Other sub-engines (financial law, tax law, articles of association, general terms and conditions, etc.) are also under development and will be made available to our clients as soon as possible.



Find the best legal translator to review your machine translation

LexMachina now offers you the opportunity to order review services directly from your client interface. The translators proposed to you are selected according to the legal area of the document to be translated. Thanks to the chat function available in the interface, you can also communicate directly with the translator to ensure a result that best fits your expectations.
Find out more.



Wordbee: Panel discussion on NMT

On August 12th, 2020, the web-based, collaborative CAT tool Wordbee organized a panel discussion on the trends in machine translation for the Language Industry. Paula Reichenberg, the founder of LexMachina, spoke on this occasion. Learn more

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