About us

A spin-off from a well-established specialized Swiss Language Service Provider, Hieronymus – Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers, Neur.on disrupts the legal translation landscape with its end-to-end AI platform granting legal professionals full control over the translation process and offering the expected degree of accuracy – while streamlining the required human resources.

Today, Neur.on’s first product, LexMachina – the Translation Engine for Swiss Lawyers, is already being intensely used by large Swiss law firms, legal publishers, and cantonal public authorities.

The close cooperation between Neur.on’s team of lawyer-linguists and NLP-engineers, and the company’s clients ensures continuous improvement of Neur.on’s industry-specific solutions. This multidisciplinary approach includes a close collaboration with the University of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR).

Our mission is to bring more efficiency to the legal, tax and finance industry by concentrating on its specific language needs.

Our top priorities are:

   • Confidentiality and data security

   • Legal and linguistic expertise focused on the needs legal, tax and finance professionals

   • Continuous development and innovation

Our team is made of innovative and dedicated lawyers, linguists, and engineers for whom no detail is too small. We strive for constant improvement and are delighted to share the results of our hard work and expertise with our clients.

Our Management Board


Paula Reichenberg

CEO & Founder

Lawyer, entrepreneur, and lifelong tech leamer, Paula is our CEO. Having studied law in Fribourg, passed the bar in Zurich, completed an MBA at INSEAD, and attended a data-science course for managers at EPFL, she created LexMachina, the first Neural Machine Translation Engine for Swiss lawyers, and founded Neur.on as a spinoff of her first company, Hieronymus – Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers. Paula was named “Digital Shaper 2023” by the economic journal Bilanz and “one of 100 personalities who shaped French-Speaking Switzerland in 2023” by Le Temps. Responsible for strategy, development, and client acquisition, Paula stands for client focus and team spirit.


Orane Laeri


Experienced legal translator, NMT-linguist and Information Security Manager, Orane is our COO. After graduating from Geneva’s Faculty of Translation and Interpretation and acquiring in-depth experience in the Swiss legal translation industry, she designed and built a comprehensive Information Security Management System for a translation agency. Responsible for client-process development, computational linguistics, and data management, Orane stands for precision and efficiency in her role at Neur.on.


Yann-Ivain Beffa


A talented data scientist, Yann-Ivain is our CTO. Rewarded with the canton of Fribourg’s prize for the best CFC in IT, a HEIA-FR alumnus with a post- graduate degree in Software Development & Data Science and experience in research at the ICoSys institute, Yann-lvain is a natural and valued team leader. As a well-versed communicator with an eye for UX, Yann-Ivain stands for Neur.on’s intuitive interface.


Pascal Stämpfli


Pascal Stämpfli, an M.A. Economics graduate from the University of St. Gallen, is a strategic finance professional with a profound track record in corporate finance, venture capital, and investment analysis. His expertise is marked by a strong ability to provide actionable financial insight, ensuring robust business modelling and precise financial reporting. As the founder of a CFO-as-a-Service firm, Pascal has a unique perspective on the financial challenges of scaling businesses in Switzerland and abroad.​

Our Extended Team


Donatien Burin des Roziers

Software Engineer

An ace programmer with a passion for innovation, Donatien is our Backend and DevOps Engineer. With a BSC in Computer Science and 2 years of applied research experience at the ICoSys institute, he has a talent for building reliable systems to streamline complex processes. With his quick grasp of users’ perspective and organizational talent, Donatien stands for resiliency and resource optimization.


Nicolas Feyer

Full Stack Developer

Nicolas Feyer is a skilled Full Stack Developer with a strong background in data science and machine learning. He completed his master’s degree in data science from the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland and previously worked at the iCoSys institute. Nicolas is known for his excellent communication skills, upbeat attitude, and versatility.


Stephanie Lantin

Head of Customer Success & Data Gathering

Senior project manager and customer relations leader, Stéphanie is our Head of Customer Success and Data Gathering. After graduating from Business school and acquiring 9+ years of experience in the localization industry with clients across Europe, USA and Switzerland, Stéphanie has the skillset to optimally understand and support Neur.on’s clients and manage the complete data curation process. As a committed and knowledgeable project leader, Stéphanie stands for customer satisfaction and strategic planning.

Our Research & Development Team


Damien Goetschi

Computer Science & Software Developer

With a Master of Science degree in Software Development and five years working on real-world applications of physical models and prediction algorithms at iCoSys (calculation of winds for balloon trajectories; circular-economy value chain modelling), Damien brings his strong grasp of complex software architecture to the Neur.on R&D team. Damien lives and breathes IT, having taken part in many Hackathons, and spends his free time as a game developer with the Swiss Game Academy.

Our Board of Directors


Paula Reichenberg

Neur.on’s CEO is also Chairwoman of the Board of Directors.


Kim Massana

Kim Massana is an executive, board member and investor with a wealth of experience in the LegalTech industry. He has been the CEO of Neota and Innovative Interfaces as well as the President of Elite, in addition to a number of executive roles in Thomson Reuters and Equifax. As a native of Spain having spent the majority of his career in the UK and the US, Kim Massana – with his transatlantic knowledge of customer needs in the legal industry – will focus his guidance on international scaling.


Mirko Meurer

Mirko Meurer is CEO of Helbing Lichtenhahn (Basel) and Dike (Zurich), Switzerland’s market-leading legal publishers. With a background in business and economics, he is an active founder, entrepreneur, investor, and managing director with 25+ years of experience in the media, internet, and retail industries in both Germany and Switzerland. As a board member, Mirko Meurer – with his expert insight into customer needs and growth management – will focus his guidance on product and market development.


Edouard Muûls

Edouard Muûls is the co-founder of Transition Capital. He has 20 years of experience working closely with management teams and companies at all stages of development to support their growth and expansion. Prior to Transition Capital, Edouard was a Director at the Virgin Group, where he headed investments in the telecom and media space, as well as the group’s impact investment strategy. He was previously at KKR & Co as a Principal responsible for Technology and Industrials investments across Europe. Edouard started his career at Credit Suisse First Boston in the Technology and M&A teams. As a board member, Edouard Muûls – with his firm grasp of finances and cash flows, his experience with funding rounds at all stages, and in particular his relentless attention to management and operational – will focus his guidance on finance and fundraising.

Our Advisory Board


Jean Hennebert

Research & AI Advisor

Accomplished researcher and NLP specialist, Jean is our Research and Al advisor. An experienced professor of machine and deep learning at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, the director of the ICoSys research institute and with 25 years in fundamental and applied research, Jean has in-depth expertise in his field. Responsible for advising and consulting on research questions, Jean stands for innovation and pragmatism.


Brian Firlit

Growth & Strategy Advisor

Experienced corporate strategist and LegalTech industry veteran, Brian Firlit is our growth and strategy advisor. Having studied Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University before completing his MBA at the University of Chicago, Brian has held various roles over the course of 15+ years in the USA and Switzerland at Thomson Reuters, where he is currently Vice President of Commercial Strategy and Policy. With this vast experience in executive roles across Finance, Corporate Strategy and Go-To-Market functions catering to legal, tax and compliance customers, Brian will focus his guidance on go-to-market and growth strategy.


Kilian Marty


Kilian Marty has joined Neur.on’s advisory board as Cybersecurity expert. Head of the Cybersecurity Department at CertX AG, Kilian studied Telecommunication, Enterprise Network and IT Security at the University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg, Kilian gained his industrial experience through several years working as a cybersecurity consultant for various industries including automotive, railway, energy and healthcare companies. Having moved from an implementer role to an auditor and assessor position, he now shares his expertise in state-of-the-art IT/OT security practices through training and certification services within the first Swiss certification body for functional safety and cybersecurity. Kilian will focus his guidance on cybersecurity risk management on both organizational, infrastructure, service and product dimensions.

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