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For Legal, Tax and Finance

Neur.on is the first LegalTech startup to address the specific translation challenges facing legal, tax, and banking professionals. Using cutting-edge Al-powered technology, we are offering an end-to-end solution for law and finance experts looking to take control of the translation process, while guaranteeing the required level of quality and confidentiality.

What Makes Us Different


Legal and Financial Data

Neur.on’s foundation stone is its unique legal, tax and financial data repository – carefully collected and curated with its proprietary data gathering pipeline, “Datalambic”. Our field-specific data selection is further enhanced by exclusive data partnerships with industry experts, such as legal and financial translation agencies and specialized publishers, which allow us to train dedicated solutions, tailor-made to our customers’ domain of expertise.

Industry-specific Process

Our software solutions are designed for lawyers, bankers and tax experts, and adapt to their needs and processes. We analyze and understand how our users work and provide them with the right technology to be faster and more accurate, without ever disrupting their workflows. Seamless, start to finish.



With Neur.on, law firms, corporate departments, banks, auditing & consulting companies, and public authorities can take advantage of the rapid progress in Artificial Inteligence and Natural Language Processing. Thanks to our data and understanding of client use-cases, we offer turnkey solutions based on best-of-breed language models, and suites of microservices shaped to industry needs.


Words Translated


Neur.on takes on the bulky, inconvenient burden of translation and provides seamless end-to-end solutions to grant legal, tax, and financial experts full control over the entire process.

The Translation Engines for Swiss Lawyers

LexMachina is a set of state-of-the-art custom-made translation engines designed to meet the diverse range of Swiss lawyers’ translation needs, from day-to-day work to fully-reviewed and certified legal translations.


Accuracy enhanced by legal and financial technology


Direct File Translation
even for PDFs


Data security guarantee and Swiss servers

The first end-to-end AI-boosted translation management system

You need a precise translation and are considering taking charge of the work in-house or with the help of fully vetted external legal or financial translators? Corrext automatically calculates the corresponding time & effort, selects the best-suited Machine Translation engines and equips reviewers with Natural Language Processing micro-services, a collaborative interface, and exclusive linguistic resources to iron out any wrinkles with speed and comfort.


Time & effort calculator


Adapted Machine Translation


NLP-enhanced review

Your personalized repository of model translations & linguistic resources

When reviewing a translation, you would like to check that technical terms are accurate in your document’s context, that formulations are idiomatic and that your own corporate style has been respected. In one click, you will see the selected term or expression in context, in the reference documents used to teach the machine: statutory texts, regulatory documents, court decisions, financial publications, etc. On demand, CHnell can include your company’s own reference documents, available only to you. 


Access to public
and proprietary multilingual resources


Filtering by domain and source


Customizable to your company’s needs


Since the emergence of Neural Machine Translation, lawyers have hoped that it would put an end to painful translation roadblocks on proceedings and costly outsourcing. However, there is yet to exist a translation platform tailor-made to the legal community that features the security, accuracy and resource optimization needed by the industry. Neur.on’s SaaS solution addresses this issue and lets lawyers take control of the translation process.

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Meet Our Clients

What differentiates Neur.on’s suite of products is our total focus and commitment to the legal, tax
and financial industries, as well as our understanding of our client’s specific translation needs.

Law Firms

Our products are first and foremost designed to help law firms to deal efficiently with the contingencies they are facing: strict confidentiality constraints, stringent deadlines, absence of in-house translation departments, highly fluctuating volumes, and different terminology depending on the end-client, to name but a few.



Whether a bank has its own translation department or not, Neur.on’s highly secure solutions help leverage the bank’s existing linguistic resources and give all employees access to efficiency-enhancing legal and financial translation tools. Increase the consistency, accuracy, and delivery speed of your translations, while ensuring data safety and reducing your budgets.


Legal & Financial Publishers

Translating scholarly articles and commentaries on legal topics is one of the most challenging disciplines in translation. Technical solutions have to be designed, implemented and adapted in close cooperation with domain experts. Neur.on is proud to have been selected as provider of choice by high-end legal publishers in Switzerland.


Courts & Public

The level of confidentiality and data security we ensure in all our products and services make Neur.on the ideal partner for courts, criminal prosecution authorities, the tax administration and other government agencies. By adopting state-of-the-art Machine Learning language solutions, authorities can promote access to justice for all citizens without any government budget increase.


Accounting and Consulting Firms

Accounting and consulting firms need translations both internally and for their clients. Secure processes and efficient LegalTech solutions help satisfy clients’ expectations and get an edge when responding to RFPs. Increase your highly qualified experts’ profitability by letting Artificial Intelligence and custom-made NLP tools execute routine linguistic tasks for you.


Latest News

Learn about our new releases, partnerships, and company events.



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AMTA is one of the most important machine translation industry conferences, which brings together experts and practitioners from research, industry, and academia.

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Our Partners

Neur.on is proud to work with the following partners:



The Institute for Complex Systems (iCoSys) is a research partner of Neur.on AI Solutions within the framework of the Innosuisse “Datalambic” project, which will support the creation of an ecosystem of tools for the collection, preparation, and semi-automated correction of high quality data used to re-train LexMachina NMT engines, integrating feedback from linguists and users in-the-loop. ICoSys is part of the University of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg – HES-SO. Discover the Datalambic project:



At the forefront of language technologies for more than 20 years, Tilde SIA is one of Europe’s leaders in the field of machine translation. Having a knack for innovation while guaranteeing maximum data security, Tilde is responsible for the training and maintenance of LexMachina’s engines.



Neur.on is a spin-off from a well-established specialized Swiss Language Service Provider, Hieronymus – Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers, a translation agency specialized in Swiss law. 



Visium is a Swiss company specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our lawyer-linguists and computational linguists work closely with Visium software engineers to optimize the data collection and preparation processes that make LexMachina’s engines unique.





We are proud to have been granted Innosuisse funding for our “Datalambic” project – allowing us to gather and clean a plethora of Swiss language data to boost the performance of our Neural Machine Translation Engines.

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