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For Legal, Tax and Finance

Neur.on is the first LegalTech startup to address the specific translation challenges facing legal, tax, and banking professionals. Using cutting-edge Al-powered technology, we are offering an end-to-end solution for law and finance experts looking to take control of the translation process, while guaranteeing the required level of quality and confidentiality.


What Makes Us Different


Legal and Financial Data

Neur.on’s foundation stone is its unique legal, tax and financial data repository – carefully collected and curated with its proprietary data gathering pipeline, “Datalambic”. Our field-specific data selection is further enhanced by exclusive data partnerships with industry experts, such as legal and financial translation agencies and specialized publishers, which allow us to train dedicated solutions, tailor-made to our customers’ domain of expertise.

Industry-specific Process

Our software solutions are designed for lawyers, bankers and tax experts, and adapt to their needs and processes. We analyze and understand how our users work and provide them with the right technology to be faster and more accurate, without ever disrupting their workflows. Seamless, start to finish.



With Neur.on, law firms, corporate departments, banks, auditing & consulting companies, and public authorities can take advantage of the rapid progress in Artificial Inteligence and Natural Language Processing. Thanks to our data and understanding of client use-cases, we offer turnkey solutions based on best-of-breed language models, and suites of microservices shaped to industry needs.


Words Translated


Neur.on takes on the bulky, inconvenient burden of translation and provides seamless end-to-end solutions to grant legal, tax, and financial experts full control over the entire process.

The Translation Engines for Swiss Lawyers

LexMachina is a set of state-of-the-art custom-made translation engines designed to meet the diverse range of Swiss lawyers’ translation needs, from day-to-day work to fully-reviewed and certified legal translations.


Accuracy enhanced by legal and financial technology


Direct File Translation
even for PDFs


Data security guarantee and Swiss servers

The first end-to-end AI-boosted translation management system

You need a precise translation and are considering taking charge of the work in-house or with the help of fully vetted external legal or financial translators? Corrext automatically calculates the corresponding time & effort, selects the best-suited Machine Translation engines and equips reviewers with Natural Language Processing micro-services, a collaborative interface, and exclusive linguistic resources to iron out any wrinkles with speed and comfort.


Time & effort calculator


Adapted Machine Translation


NLP-enhanced review

Your personalized repository of model translations & linguistic resources

When reviewing a translation, you would like to check that technical terms are accurate in your document’s context, that formulations are idiomatic and that your own corporate style has been respected. In one click, you will see the selected term or expression in context, in the reference documents used to teach the machine: statutory texts, regulatory documents, court decisions, financial publications, etc. On demand, CHnell can include your company’s own reference documents, available only to you. 


Access to public
and proprietary multilingual resources


Filtering by domain and source


Customizable to your company’s needs


Since the emergence of Neural Machine Translation, lawyers have hoped that it would put an end to painful translation roadblocks on proceedings and costly outsourcing. However, there is yet to exist a translation platform tailor-made to the legal community that features the security, accuracy and resource optimization needed by the industry. Neur.on’s SaaS solution addresses this issue and lets lawyers take control of the translation process.

Paula Reichenberg



Meet Our Clients

What differentiates Neur.on’s suite of products is our total focus and commitment to the legal, tax
and financial industries, as well as our understanding of our client’s specific translation needs.

Law Firms

Our products are first and foremost designed to help law firms to deal efficiently with the contingencies they are facing: strict confidentiality constraints, stringent deadlines, absence of in-house translation departments, highly fluctuating volumes, and different terminology depending on the end-client, to name but a few.



Whether a bank has its own translation department or not, Neur.on’s highly secure solutions help leverage the bank’s existing linguistic resources and give all employees access to efficiency-enhancing legal and financial translation tools. Increase the consistency, accuracy, and delivery speed of your translations, while ensuring data safety and reducing your budgets.


Legal & Financial Publishers

Translating scholarly articles and commentaries on legal topics is one of the most challenging disciplines in translation. Technical solutions have to be designed, implemented and adapted in close cooperation with domain experts. Neur.on is proud to have been selected as provider of choice by high-end legal publishers in Switzerland.


Courts & Public

The level of confidentiality and data security we ensure in all our products and services make Neur.on the ideal partner for courts, criminal prosecution authorities, the tax administration and other government agencies. By adopting state-of-the-art Machine Learning language solutions, authorities can promote access to justice for all citizens without any government budget increase.


Accounting and Consulting Firms

Accounting and consulting firms need translations both internally and for their clients. Secure processes and efficient LegalTech solutions help satisfy clients’ expectations and get an edge when responding to RFPs. Increase your highly qualified experts’ profitability by letting Artificial Intelligence and custom-made NLP tools execute routine linguistic tasks for you.


Latest News

Learn about our new releases, partnerships, and company events.



Andreas showcased their solution on Thursday’s stage at the Weblaw LegalTech Elevator Pitch Competition. The clever balance between rule-based and AI-powered workflow steps made their tool stand out, ticking all the right boxes for a well-deserved win.



The Female Founders Initiative Switzerland interviewed Paula about her inspiring journey in creating Neur.on. Watch the video here.



Gain Insights into the Jury’s Criteria

Understanding the criteria jurors use to assess pitches can give you a competitive edge. Paula will be evaluating pitches based on Julia Maltby‘s “10 Criteria for Investing in LegalTech.” Julia is an early-stage investor at Flybridge and X-Factor Ventures. 



  • Invest in and develop the relationship between inhouse legal teams / GCs and external legal counsels. It’s the easiest way to receive actionable and pro-active legal advice.


“I refuse to pay for information I already have,”
exclaims the General Counsel of an energy company when asked about his top criteria for appointing external law firms.



This felt like coming home…

Having pitched in a lot of places, we usually come across a fairly similar set of questions. “What do I need a specialized AI-powered translation engine for?” “Haven’t you heard of DeepL?” “My 6-year-old could translate this document online.”

But the Swiss FinTech Awards were different.



Join us for an informative session on the transformation of law firm operating models aimed at better serving General Counsels, where our panellists will discuss WHY it is worthwhile to embrace change and HOW to effectively implement it.

The topics covered will encompass:
–      strategy-driven advice,
–      the value added by multidisciplinary teams,
–      client expectations regarding the use of LegalTech tools, and
–      the benefits of data analytics in identifying potential efficiency gains.



Putting Neur.on’s AI-powered translation software up against big players like ChatGPT or Gemini is, by all means, not a David vs Goliath scenario.



Our CEO Paula Reichenberg participated in the session on “Domain Specific Innovation,” alongside distinguished speakers such as Raphaël Briner, Pascal Wicht, Romain Rosay (CTO of Amplify), and Deepak Tewari (CEO of Privately). This session delved into the nuances of AI and technology across different industries.

Read about the key Takeaways from Paula’s Discussion or watch the full discussion.



You think there’s been a mix-up?

“But how would an AI-powered SaaS Translation Platform ever be considered a FinTech?”, you might ask – especially those of you who have met us at the countless LegalTech events we took part in.



The selection process was rigorous, with a panel of 20 industry experts meticulously reviewing over 60 applications from a pool of 100 submissions. Their task was to identify the five most promising companies in both the “Early Stage Start-up of the Year” and “Growth Stage Start-up of the Year” categories.



This 6-week journey, organized by Female Founders Switzerland—an initiative by STARTUP CAMPUS and Impact Hub Zurich—is crafted to foster a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem for female founders.



Join Loïs Siggen Lopez and our CEO, Paula Reichenberg, for an AI walk and talk in the University gardens of Miséricorde.
Click here to watch the interview with basik!



Don’t miss our track titled “AI-Powered Projects: Your Innovation Journey” on March 26th at 14:00.

NEUR.ON will participate in a discussion focusing on the practical deployment of Artificial Intelligence. How does the journey look like for a startup, an SME and a large corporation such as Swisscom? What support can we get from the swisstech ecosystem, Innosuisse, academia and other innovation stakeholders to accelerate our transformation?



The results of the report “Machine Translation: Recommendations for Public Administration”, from the Innovation Sandbox, have arrived.



Neur.on is fortunate that Jaana’s investment horizon extends to Continental Europe as well.



Over three months, we gained invaluable insights into the DACH venture capital market, understanding its expectations and staying abreast of the latest trends. This experience has better prepared us for Neur.on’s forthcoming endeavors!



In this Innovation Sandbox, Paula Reichenberg, CEO & Founder at NEUR.ON, and Simona Todesco, COO at Textshuttle, together with Raphael von Thiessen, explain the challenges of legal translations with specialized artificial intelligence and show how secure and adaptable machine translations are produced.



The workshop addressed specific queries, such as how long law firms should keep client files, the legality of using client data for AI training, and guidance on implementing cookie banners on websites.



We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Investor Summit Liechtenstein! It was a great opportunity for us, leading to the establishment of valuable connections.



We all know how to use DeepL to quickly translate half a page.

But what about a 60-page contract, or 500 pages of exhibits in highly confidential arbitration proceedings? What can AI do to help you and what are the best practices to efficiently carry out a legal translation project?

Click here for the Meeting link!



Legal technology has largely failed to live up to its expectations until now. The expected revolution never materialized. Is the new wave of technology around generative AI and other tools finally leading to a change in the way lawyers work?



As a committed startup founder and LegalTech CEO, accepting an additional responsibility is not an obvious choice.

…Paula was convinced she could contribute simply by voicing the screaming needs of innovative companies in Switzerland.



During the event, Paula emphasized the critical importance of testing AI solutions with local data and called for support in developing tailored infrastructures for Swiss SMEs eager to explore AI while ensuring the utmost data security…

Watch Paula’s input by clicking here



The Trust Valley day at the Rolex Learning center – Epfl brought together stakeholders from politics, academia, cybersecurity, and the private sector, especially SMEs, to discuss the concrete challenges facing our country’s economy.

Here are some key takeaways from the panel on the pressure faced by SMEs and startups…



Throughout the event, our participants immersed themselves in the fast-paced world of natural language processing. They rolled up their sleeves and engaged in practical exercises, gaining a firsthand understanding of the intricacies that power Neur.on’s AI capabilities.



The Investor Summit Liechtenstein is a must-attend event for anyone looking to connect with startups and investors.



Contrairement à ce que pourraient craindre certain.e.s avocat.e.s, la majeure partie des outils LegalTech créés ces dernières années ont pour but de servir les professionnel.le.s du droit plutôt que de leur faire concurrence. Or, on entend autant d’entrepreneur.e.s LegalTech déçu.e.s de la réserve avec laquelle leur public cible accueille leurs solutions que d’avocat.e.s qui déplorent le manque d’adéquation des nouveaux outils qui leur sont proposés.



Paula’s insights centered around the adoption phases of GenAI and their remarkable parallels with the adoption phases of machine translation over the past five years.



Attendees received an enlightening perspective into firms that have seamlessly integrated AI into their operational blueprints. 



Kilian’s remarkable journey as the Head of the Cybersecurity Department at CertX AG – First Swiss accredited certification and inspection body for AI, cyber security and functional safety – make him a perfect cyber security watchdog. 

With the addition of Kilian to our team, we now aim to benefit from the relentless scrutiny of a seasoned expert, challenging every facet of our security framework.



In the realm of “digital shaping,” success is a result of collective effort. This rings especially true in the legal industry, where the principles of Trust, Accuracy, and Ethics take precedence over fleeting notions of Profitability, Entrepreneurial Risk, … and sometimes Innovation.

Here at Neur.on, we firmly believe that genuine digitalization succeeds when:

  • Technology Empowers, Not Overpowers
  • Transparency as the Cornerstone
  • Empowering Human Expertise


Orane’s academic voyage led her to the University of Geneva, where she pursued studies in translation. Fast forward to today, and she’s making waves as the Operations Manager at a dynamic LegalTech startup specializing in Neural Machine Translation.

Amid the rapid advancements in technology, Orane emphasizes that Neur.on’s objective isn’t to replace humans with machines, but to…



Right from the outset, we have made the conscious choice to uphold the highest standards of Information and AI Security (ISO 27001 and CertAI standards), an early commitment that may seem unconventional for a startup.



We were honored to have representatives from NEUR.ONiCoSys, and CertX, along with other esteemed AI specialists from around the world, participate in The First University of St. Gallen Grand Challenge: The EU AI ACT. During this event, we focused on evaluating the compliance of 8 cutting-edge AI solutions, spanning robotics, process management, and NLP-analytics, with the current draft of the AI ACT. 

Click here to learn more in the Swiss National News broadcast!

Read the full post to find out our key takeaways.



Delivering elevator pitches is never a startuper’s favourite sport – but for legal techies, whose products are always considered technical and – let’s be honest – a little boring, the exercise can be particularly unrewarding.



Parmi les « thèses disruptives » présentées ce soir, une affirmation particulièrement périlleuse et alléchante :

L’IA ne changera RIEN au métier d’avocat.e



The Lawyers’s Congress 2023 marks the 125th birthday of the Swiss Bar Association. A great reason to celebrate!

Yet at the same time, Swiss lawyers have never felt this unsettled about the future of their profession…



La Start-up scène à Fribourg, c’est tout d’abord des entrepreneur.e.s passionné.e.s, c’est aussi des compétences pointues en IA…



The legal profession faces a multitude of paradigm shifts, brought about by disruptive new technology…



Neur.on has joined the Female Founders Initiative Switzerland and features on its map under the  “IT/AI Software” category, along with other…



ChatGPT and Dall-e have struck a chord with the public, opening the world’s eyes to the incredible potential of artificial intelligence. The generalist and accessible nature of these solutions…



Neur.on features in the February newsletter of the Fribourg Network Freiburg, which highlights the digital-first industries driving the #fourthindustrialrevolution…



With the rise of machine translation comes the parallel risk of serious mistakes in legal translations.
More than ever, law firms need…



Neur.on is delighted that the Lingustic Services / Translation & Anonymization category has been newly created…



The INSEAD Business school stands for “business as a force for good”. The whole Neur.on team lives by this principle in building ethical AI solutions that…



AI builds the very core of Neur.on’s products and strategy. To create reliable and practical solutions, however, we must be fully aware of and embrace AI’s limitations…



We are happy to announce that the State of Fribourg has granted us additional support to streamline legal translation with AI. 
This grant will be used for…



To cater for a controversial and animated debate on December 1st, 2022, ELSA Bern has invited a broad panel of LegalTech experts…



Juristisches Übersetzungs-SaaS-Start-up «Neur.on» als erstes VC-Investment des Rechtsverlags Helbing Lichtenhahn – der Anfang einer neuen Ära für Schweizer LegalTechs?…



Click here to watch the video.



Innosuisse – the Swiss agency for innovation — has recently granted us new funding for the research and development of…



In their day-to-day practice, lawyers are confronted with a large number of documents in paper or PDF-format..



Meet the team behind out legaltech translation solution and receive firsthand insights from the video on our Innosuisse Datalambic project between iCoSys and Hieronymus…



AMTA is one of the most important machine translation industry conferences, which brings together experts and practitioners from research, industry, and academia.

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Our Partners

Neur.on is proud to work with the following partners:



The Institute for Complex Systems (iCoSys) is a research partner of Neur.on AI Solutions within the framework of the Innosuisse “Datalambic” project, which will support the creation of an ecosystem of tools for the collection, preparation, and semi-automated correction of high quality data used to re-train LexMachina NMT engines, integrating feedback from linguists and users in-the-loop. ICoSys is part of the University of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg – HES-SO. Discover the Datalambic project:



At the forefront of language technologies for more than 20 years, Tilde SIA is one of Europe’s leaders in the field of machine translation. Having a knack for innovation while guaranteeing maximum data security, Tilde is responsible for the training and maintenance of LexMachina’s engines.



Neur.on is a spin-off from a well-established specialized Swiss Language Service Provider, Hieronymus – Translations by Lawyers for Lawyers, a translation agency specialized in Swiss law. 



Trust4SMEs is a support programme in cybersecurity and digital trust for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Lake Geneva region.

It is organised by Trust Valley and supported by the State of Vaud and the National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC), along other local partners.

The programme aims to strengthen the cybersecurity and digital trust skills of 25 SMEs through diagnostics, training, awareness-raising and consultancy support and improve the cyber-resilience of the regional economy.





We are proud to have been granted Innosuisse funding for our “Datalambic” project – allowing us to gather and clean a plethora of Swiss language data to boost the performance of our Neural Machine Translation Engines.

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